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Commercial Cabinetry

R S Handyman Services BBB Business ReviewBuilt-in cabinets are just as useful in a business setting as they are at home, allowing you to organize and store materials neatly out of sight. Over time, though, office cabinets can take a beating from day-to-day wear and tear. If that’s the case at your workplace, RS Handyman is here to help. I’m pleased to include working on commercial cabinets and drawers among the many repair services I offer for Sacramento-area businesses. When you want your office storage cabinets to look and perform well, simply pick up the phone and call my local handyman shop. I work on all kinds of office cabinets, and I can customize my services to suit your individual needs. To find out more, call or e-mail me today!

Whether you have commercial kitchen cabinets that are in need of repair or commercial storage cabinets you wanted replaced, you’ve found the answer in RS Handyman. I can repair damaged drawers, cabinets, and hardware as necessary, and I am even available to replace cabinets that are beyond repair. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what type of office cabinets you own. My services are available for virtually any sort of commercial cabinetry material, including:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Laminate
  • Composite
  • Steel
  • And more!

Not only do scratched and battered cabinets look bad, but unstable office storage cabinets can put your employees and office equipment at risk. Before a shelf gives way or a drawer bottom falls out, let RS Handyman have a look. I’ll help you secure your cabinets and restore their pristine appearance by repairing or replacing your commercial grade cabinets. By the time my work is done, your office cabinets will be fashionable, functional, and sturdy once again.

Affordable Solutions for Office Cabinets

Maybe you don’t think you have the budget to fix your aging commercial storage cabinets. Well, RS Handyman can help put those worries to rest. As a locally owned handyman shop, I’m able to keep my prices low and my standards high. That means it’s more affordable than you might realize to have your aging office cabinets serviced by an experienced pro. I work on custom office cabinets, medical office cabinets, commercial drawers, and more, and your price quote is always free with my handyman service in Sacramento. I’m a licensed and insured general contractor, so your business space is completely safe with me.

Why let your commercial grade cabinets fall into disrepair? RS Handyman makes it fast, easy, and affordable to give your office storage cabinets the expert attention they need. From a single damaged drawer to an entire set of rickety custom office cabinets, I can help. Contact me today to get your project started!

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