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Call on Me for Property Maintenance Services

Owning a commercial property comes with a never-ending list of building maintenance headaches. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend time juggling a bunch of specialty maintenance companies. Instead, simply pick up the phone and call me, Rodney Secress, owner and operator of RS Handyman Services.

I am the professional you need for building maintenance services, from basic repairs to essential upgrades to any challenges unique to your particular property. Whatever it is you want done to keep your facility in peak condition, chances are it’s well within my range of expertise. In fact, I work with numerous commercial and retail establishments throughout the greater Sacramento area, and I have two decades of experience performing property maintenance services for both local and regional businesses.

RS Handyman is your choice for precision workmanship and detailed oversight. That means each and every one of your building maintenance services will be carefully managed from the start.

Why make commercial and retail maintenance harder than it has to be? Whether you need facility maintenance for an office complex, restaurant, or retail store, all you really need is RS Handyman for professional results in the Sacramento metro. I stand behind my commercial building maintenance with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call me today at (916) 256-3600 to talk prices and specifics. I am your best bet in the region for keeping your commercial properties in excellent repair!